50 Degrees Of Separation | QUT | Medium Rise Mixed-Use Residential

Mixed use high rise residential building. I performed a study in vertical orientation where I found 50 degrees to be the optimal angle. This angle reduced the direct solar gain by an average of 20% over the 6 hottest months of the year in Brisbane. Reducing the building temperature made passive cooling possible, thus reducing the installation and running costs of an air conditioner. Tilting the building towards the sun also reduced shadows on neighbouring properties allowing a taller building to most likely get built in a 4-6 story suburb. This mixed use development includes 12 shops and a restraint to stimulate the local area. 70% of the site area is given back to the public in the form of parks. This draws people to the shops as there’s no park within close proximity. Including the existing bus stop allows more foot traffic to and from the shops.