Hall Of Democracy | QUT | Commercial & Public Space

The Flawed System: 

Democracy is for the people but run by an elected few. These few people have enormous power, making the big decisions, decisions that the people have little control over. Pick the few that best represent your beliefs and hope they make the right decisions.


The New Democracy:

 I propose The Hall of Democracy should be run like “The wisdom of crowds”, that many are smarter than a few (James.S 2005). The people should have the power to vote on individual matters in consideration to the national budget. These matters might not be fully understood by the people but research has shown the majority of people with their wealth of social diversity and knowledge can be more accurate than a few “educated” ones (James.S 2005). Industry professionals would still be needed and their collective votes could be more heavily weighted to refine the new voting Democracy.


Project Goals: 

- Voting should be a journey where one reflects on the importance of their decisions and weighs up all the options equally

- To make the individual vote count for something, not just another drop in the ocean

- Professional debate should be somewhat transparent to the public and the public should serve as a reminder of what they are debating for

- Facilitate public unity through art, open voice projection and large public gatherings

- Make use of “The Mansions” and enhance its heritage character

- Facilitate self-learning

- Philosophical thinking to provoke new ideas and understandings

- Celebrations and award critical thinking and artistic talent 

Design Concept: 

Simular to the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey”, the new evolved Monolith Democracy moves into the next dimension, shattering traditional thinking with its use of public voting and professional debate. 


Architectural Program: 

- Hall of Democracy: A grand faceted dome like structure to house the public voting and professional debate, facilitating a self-refection journey between the two. As one journeys they are exposed to important information to consider, displayed as sculptures, projections and audio relevant to the current voting subject. 

- Formal Professional debate pod (Approx. 100-150 seats): Professional knowledge is extremely important in making the correct decision. The Hall of Democracy should facilitate professional debate on a stage like setting for the public to view and engage with. Professionals like scientists, politicians and economists can have their voice publicly heard, displaying relevant evidence to sway the public vote and other professionals vote in the right direction. A grand speaker podium to deliver a speech. The ability for the public to see in and the professionals to see out, realising who they are doing this for.

- Informal Debate Area: A place to socialise, eat, drink and discuss ideas before and after the debate. Supporting facilities consists of a small stage, tables, seating, access to toilets and a kitchen close by to serve food and drinks. 

The Voting platform: The individual vote should be a journey, powerful, public, symbolic, purposeful, contributing and important. A monolith object should represent this collective knowledge coming together, the tool for next step in evolution. As one votes, light and water reflects the importance their vote made

- Public voicing area: The public should have the right to voice their opinion in a facilitated environment catering for large numbers, possible protests.  Supporting facilities such as public amenities, food and water. This space could double as a cultural performing space.   

Resource Area: Library learning type resources should be made available to the public to seek an understanding of upcoming topics to be voted upon. Both physical and digital content can be displayed and engaged with in a place of wonder, questioning the current voting topics.  

Philosophical Refection: A quite dark place for self-reflection and informal idea sharing. 

A Large Office:  To run this new democracy would require a large office to facilitate this new Monolith Democracy. This office should facilitate creativity, direction and the focus of the public in the Hall of Democracy. It should guide the selection of professionals, topics for upcoming debates, calculating finances, employing the roll out of selected outcomes.

History Museum: History is important to moving forward and not making the same mistake twice. “The Mansions” will serve as a place to commemorate the past in a museum like setting, displaying past relics and heavily linking back into the Hall of Democracy.

Art Gallery: Showcasing  professional and local artist art work for public viewing encouraging cultural learning.