EUTOPIA | MODEL alpha |Residential

Project Name: Model alpha

Project Type: Residential

Project Location: Can fit on most small blocks Australia wide.

Design Practice: EUTOPIA

Client: Project Home

Published: 20th April 2016 (First revision)

Project Description: The MODEL alpha is a large open-plan home with a small footprint which uses less expensive land. The smart design eliminates nearly all wasted hallway space and achieves a 5.5% - 6.4% greater space efficiency than similar two-storey homes. This means that the rooms can be larger where it counts, in the living areas and bedrooms. The ground floor has a desirable 2.7m high ceiling and the upper floor has a 2.4m high ceiling. Large louvre openings provide great views and, even greater, effective temperature control through cross-ventilation. No need for expensive air-conditioning. The MODEL alpha is the perfect place to raise a family and create everlasting memories in a well-designed and functional setting.  

Project Experience:

  • Concept Design, Feasibility & Construction Drawings

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