The Cosmopolitan | DBI Design | High Rise Mixed-Use Residential

Project Name: The Cosmopolitan

Project Type: High Rise Residential Mixed-Use Development

Project Location: 32 Cribb Street, Milton, QLD 4064

Architectural Practice: DBI Design

Client: Oliver Hume

Project Description: "Located within easy reach of Brisbane’s CBD, on a site that is undoubtedly the gateway to Milton, The Cosmopolitan will create a new landmark for the local and nearby communities. The skyline will be enhanced with two complementary sculptured apartment buildings situated above an activated pedestrian ground floor retail experience comprising shops, cafes, restaurants and local amenities. Residents will enjoy amazing facilities on the podium level including pool, gymnasium, lounge and kitchen. The cosmopolitan lifestyle can be enjoyed by all, the local workforce and community as well as residents."

Project Experience

  • Preparation of Architectural drawings with regard to the location, extent of building elements, components, finishes, fittings and systems

  • Preparation of Architectural specifications and schedules

  • Project documentation co-ordination

  • Establishment of site conditions, site related requirements, limitations and existing facilities

  • Assessment of potential interaction between the project, the environment and the community

  • Assessment of applicable code, regulations and legislation

  • Establishment and co-ordination with specialist consultants, contractors and suppliers

  • Preparation of preliminary project evaluations, programs and feasibility studies