Treble Cliff | QUT | Commercial

Musicians can escape vertically up and down the Howard Smith Wharf cliffs with the touch of a button. Find solitude to learn, teach and jam with 1-3 other musicians in a Treble Pod, free from noise pollution and distractions of other users on the site. Climb high to get the views, cool breezes and complete freedom to make a lot of noise or descend into a dark echo filled void to get a completely new sound. The choice is yours.Guests traveling through the site will get a taste for each Treble Pod’s sound without distracting the musicians at play. Choose to pass on through or sit down in the park to enjoy the sound and views on the rivers edge. Treble Cliff makes a historic connection with the site, keeping in touch with the sites wharf history. With its wharf like materials (chain, netting, timber, raw iron and rustic wear and tear) and pier, deck, crane and pulley construction techniques used back in the late 19th century . Users will experience a raw connection in keeping with the sites history, passing by or jumping in a Treble Pod.