Our Process

We’ve delivered over 850 successful projects across Australia and are committed to providing a stress-free building approval process.


Site Assessment & Consultation

We offer a complimentary phone consultation to discuss your design brief and budget. We provide a high-level site evaluation checking council requirements. We outline which consultants will be required and anticipated costs to achieve your building approval. We highlight any potential risks to the project and discuss the best path forward. We then provide a fee proposal with a deposit invoice to commence work. Some projects will require an on-site consultation prior to us preparing a fee proposal.


Site Visit

We meet clients and/or builders on-site to discuss project opportunities and constraints. This is a highly valuable exercise for understanding even tricky projects like building on a slope.


House/Building Measure

We take photos and videos to best communicate the structure with relevant consultants. We use laser measuring devices to accurately capture the entire existing building in detail.


Concept Design

We often start most projects with simplicity, working with simple coloured shapes representing spaces, how spaces relate to each other and discuss the size and cost of the building. We sit down with clients in a design workshop meeting and progress the design together. We discuss how the design will solve site related problems and maximise opportunities. The concept design can go further and show you exactly what your home will look like in 3D.


Design Development

As we expand the drawing set through design revisions, we go into detail evolving from design meetings and sketches to create a comprehensive representation of how the building operates in both design and construction. At this early stage, it’s critical to get preliminary advice from a certifier & town planner, as well preliminary costing advice from a builder or quantity surveyor.


Construction Plans

The plans are then documented for construction. The more detail in the plans ensures you get what you want and there are no variation costs or time delays.



We thrive in all aspects of the building industry, always working alongside reputable town planners, certifiers, engineers and builders throughout the design process to deliver the best results for our clients. At the start of each project, we create a roadmap to solve problems in the right order to get the best design, approved and on budget ready for construction.

Your Vision, Our Blueprint.

We're dedicated to finding the right solutions for you.

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