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DRIFT Exterior Perspective

Embracing the allure of coastal living, 'Drift' stands as a bespoke luxury residence, thoughtfully crafted to capture the essence of its seaside surroundings. Drawing inspiration from the beachscape, with its whispering sands and weathered driftwood, this modern boutique home offers a three-story layout, complete with a spacious three-car garage and workshop at ground level.

The heart of the home resides on the middle floor, where expansive living areas seamlessly integrate with an inviting pool and entertainment space. Boasting five bedrooms, two distinct lounging areas, and provision for a future lift, 'Drift' anticipates the needs of its inhabitants with foresight.

The pinnacle of relaxation awaits in the master suite, featuring a private library that overlooks the breathtaking ocean panorama. Additionally, a two-story secondary dwelling will grace the rear of the property, catering to short-term accommodation needs. All of this splendour is elegantly contained within a modest 377m2 lot, nestled in the idyllic locale of Margate, adjacent to Redcliffe.

DRIFT Front Perspective
DRIFT Exterior Perspective
DRIFT Indoor Outdoor Perspective
Ground Level
Level One
Level Two